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The Revolution of Technology

November 11, 2010

(Singapore) Where I seat at my little corner at Macdonals over in Kallang, I took a quick look around, my eyes darting around the room, counting how many people have some sort of gadget with them, all this while holding my pipping hot cup of tea. Almost everyone had a mobile phone on the table, […]

Some of my favorite Apps – eWallet from Iliumsoft

September 27, 2010

Having been a user for the mobile platform since the very first Windows CE devices to Palm devices and the very famous Compaq iPaq, revolutionized the mobile platform world, suddenly software companies started to sprout out. These applications as we call them Apps today(thanks to Apple) Apps be it for any platform, Windows Phone, iPhone, […]

Have you tried WhatsApp?

September 19, 2010

Recently I have started using WhatsApp and wanted to share this application with you, it is similar to Blackberry Messenger, where you can connect via the contacts page and you can hook up with all your friends whom are using WhatsApp. Saving you money on SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messaging app which allows […]

iPhone 4G Antennae Conference

July 17, 2010

Apple CEO Steve Jobs arranged for a iPhone 4G conference with regards to the antennae issues where the somehow the media has been talking about the problems the latest iPhone 4G faced. In the conference where you can watch online Steve Jobs putting on his PR cap, took us all for a well planned/prepared […]