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HTC something new, something fresh

I am excited to say that I have recently joined HTC Corporation in the Social Media department, as this has been my love as a “online” guy, I love how social networks like Facebook and Twitter greatly enhanced our lives, made buying choices simpler, spend less when I am deciding what to purchase or even sell. What I like is this huge community talking and sharing of ideas, aspiration and dreams. Along the way these dreams becomes a reality. As the young internet is still finding it’s ground and foothold in this world, in less than 20 years, we have seen how the power of the people are heard through the social scene.

Most recently we have seen how governments were changed, how one man’s decision or dictatorship can be removed in a matter of weeks through the move and coordination of the social network scene.

We are looking forward to where this new era will take us. For now I am at HTC, it is about our devices and products that hopes to make everyday life, a little simpler, add a little color, a smile, a warm hug and most importantly a hello on the other side of the phone.


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