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At the Shot Show 2011, Las Vegas

I am in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US. It was a last minute trip as it was decided on last Friday and was here on Monday already. With such a short timing, the ticket and hotel was, ouch, expensive. I am headed out to Las Vegas on a yearly show for the “Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show”, this is a yearly show organized by The National Shooting Sports Foundation(NSSF). Started 32 years ago in 1982, yearly we see an increase of attendees. It is an amazing show where all kinds of sports hunting gear, military, law enforcement use. This year again it is held at the SANDS Expo & Convention Center.

Before departing on the trip, I had to organize my gear and carry light. Why? becasue in any trade shows, you will be collecting lots of catalogs, therefore traveling light is a good smart choice.

I carried my work phone, a Blackberry Curve, a HTC HD2, my Macbook Pro 15″, mighty mouse, Canon S90, Flip HD, two luggage bags and a backpack. Flying from Singapore to Las Vegas proofed to be a 24 hrs journey. My route starts from Singapore to Tokyo Narita stopover than to Seattle as the port of entry(with my ESTA in place, I breezed through the immigration, super great officer) than from there waited for about 4 hours before my next flight via Alaska Airlines to Las Vegas. Landed on Monday rested a day and prepared for the Show day on Tuesday.

Over here there are thousands upon thousands of people waiting and queuing to make their way into the show. There are all kinds of attendees at the show, from traders, distributors, retailers, enthusiast to operators, all flock on their yearly “mecca” towards the Shot Show to see the latest and greatest of the industry.

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