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The Revolution of Technology

(Singapore) Where I seat at my little corner at Macdonals over in Kallang, I took a quick look around, my eyes darting around the room, counting how many people have some sort of gadget with them, all this while holding my pipping hot cup of tea. Almost everyone had a mobile phone on the table, children looked too little to seat up on their own sat on their red child seat, being fed by their parents while they were glued to some mobile device, laughing away at times. Parents were chatting away occasionally take a quick look at their child to ensure that they is chewing their food.

On another table, someone was probably reading the morning news, reading an email, replying a twit or writing their latest thoughts on Facebook on their tablet device. Others was seen in a distance away talking away, some seem agitated, others were smiling away, I wonder as I sat here what their conversations would be, to see their facial expression in relation to the conversation they are probably having being played out in my mind. I smiled to myself as I made them up, even a chuckle or two, all this while still holding on to my pipping cup of hot tea.

Technology has changed the landscape of how we look at things, communicate and learn, there is an acceleration of thoughts, conversation and relationship. Some very smart people argue about how technology will destroy us and how it will lead us away from the reality of life around us, others like myself think otherwise. There is nothing in the world today that has driven man to the extinction of thoughts, life and love. There are things that man just will not be able to change. Through the span of time when man was knocking on some rock to make a wheel to the first taming of horses, the discovery of electricity and flight, man has not really changed much in our values, faith and believes. Neither will technology have a say in how many will change in our core system but except to accelerate the way we live our lives.

Technology is something we need to embrace and learn what more ways to even better what we have. We are all built to communicate and relate to one another. I see that technology will continue to expand and improve and lead us to a better future wherever that may go, that road is yet to be written…..all this while holding on to my pipping hot cup of tea.


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