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Some of my favorite Apps – eWallet from Iliumsoft

Having been a user for the mobile platform since the very first Windows CE devices to Palm devices and the very famous Compaq iPaq, revolutionized the mobile platform world, suddenly software companies started to sprout out. These applications as we call them Apps today(thanks to Apple) Apps be it for any platform, Windows Phone, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia…etc. There is always one or two of those applications worth mentioning and sharing with people around you. And I always believed the best form of advertisement is by someone who has used the product before.

The app that I would like to share with all today is from the award winning company Iliumsoft makers of the multi-award winner eWallet. This is a secured storage for your most important information ranging from website password to your personal family key information. The eWallet is like your virtual safe having over 256-BIT AES Encryption, it is versatile and gives you a peace of mind of ever losing it. It allows you to surf the web securely with its built-in tools for entering passwords and filling web forms. I have been using it for the last few years, it has never failed me, enjoy it thoroughly, check them out at the link here,

eWallet 7.1 is available for multi-platforms, there is a desktop version for you to also sync with your mobile device.

(Supported devices includes, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, Windows PC, Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Android)


One Response to “Some of my favorite Apps – eWallet from Iliumsoft”

  1. Wonderful ! This is a great story and good for my experience.Thank you for your sharing.

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