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iPhone 4G Antennae Conference

Apple CEO Steve Jobs arranged for a iPhone 4G conference with regards to the antennae issues where the somehow the media has been talking about the problems the latest iPhone 4G faced. In the conference where you can watch online

Steve Jobs putting on his PR cap, took us all for a well planned/prepared presentation offering other products own antenna issues when you put your hand around the other branded phones. As I watched it I cannot help but try it out on my own phones and guess what, he is correct. So antenna problems is apparent in many other models as well and not unique to just the iPhone 4G. In the conference he gave many data information about quantity sold, the numbers of returns…etc and all the data and numbers are impressive and we cannot really dispute it.

“Various equipment simulates cellular towers, Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth device, and GPS satellites, and the phones are tested in a variety of positions including free space and next to human dummies and real people. The carbon foam on the walls eliminates signal bounce, and a copper seal on the door keeps out radio interference. The whole thing cost $100 million and is staffed by 18 PhD scientists and engineers.” – Cnet Networks.

Overall, even though I have never owned an iPhone, I am beginning of thinking of getting one, if there was top PR award, Steve Jobs should win that too among his many other accolades.


One Response to “iPhone 4G Antennae Conference”

  1. I can’t wait to get 4G for myself : )

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