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World Cup 2010

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa will go down in history as the most unexpected Worldcup ever, many complained about the new ball, some the weather and even others the jinx of Paul the Oracle, Octopus, to some Paul is a saint to others (who lost) would push the blame.

The Germans was working so hard that they were the expected favorites, however as time went by tides change and the Germans were out fighting with Uraguay and leaving the final matches to Holland and Spain.

Two unlikely World Cup finalist played their best game yet, it was an exciting match with millions around the world holding to the edge of their seats as the players, heartbeat racing, mind calculating several players in a second, making mental decisions from past training, communication to every fibre of their bodies, every muscle and every breadth taken was calculated for the next direction where the ball would go. Would it be an explosive surge forward to regain the ball or prepare to defend with the upmost wit and athletical prowess to be summoned in mere seconds. The world was watching, breathing along with them, thinking along with them, putting their minds to the players on the field. Every close call, would raise the heartbeat of millions, if we were silent enough, we could have heard it. The world beating as one, over a game, over a ball, sports has never yielded so much communion among all races, all religion and culture. No other sports in the world has such an affect as dose the World Cup.

Stranger alike can start off a conversation about the World Cup almost immediately and they are so passionate about it that it is amazing! The emotions involved, the tears of defeat only to be embraced by the tears of joy.

Congratulations to Spain having won the World Cup by just one goal, that one goal that set the decision and destiny for Spain in sports forever. 


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