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HTC HD2 – it is coming soon!


HTC over the last 10 years starting out as an OEM/ODM for Microsoft and were the early days iPaq manufacturer for Compaq back than, have come a long way, with their award winning products, HTC has never failed to share their wow moments with us. This year as they launched the HTC Hero (Android ) to much fanfare they are releasing the new HTC HD 2.

HTC HD was already a champion in every aspect as a Windows Phone, but it lacked a few features to truly make it a great all rounder phone, as the industry standard was set by the iPhone every phone that did not have capacitive screen was always considered a step behind, with the refreshed HD in the new embodiment of HD2 which is larger than the HD with a 4.3″ screen, capacitive screen, a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor (more power but use less battery) with super fast touch screen surely makes the HD2 a must have this Christmas.

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3 Responses to “HTC HD2 – it is coming soon!”

  1. it looks amazing that HTC is giving us the wonder of the cell phone world.
    When it will be available in Pakistan and at about what price.

  2. I am not sure of the availability in Pakistan, but you are sure to get it around the Dec timing soon probably from parallel importers.

  3. Htc hd 2 is one of the best win mo phones i have ever use.
    You just need to play around with the rom,debrand…,remove network restriction,and will rock!

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