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Canon S90 – powerful features embodied in refinement.


As a point and shoot person, I just love to shoot pictures on the go wherever I go. I have had my fair share of digital cameras since my kid brother introduced the first ever 2.0 mp digital camera to me, the Olympus (can’t remember the model number) and it was like a world unlocked to endless pictures as there was never a good picture, so you take multiple pictures to choose the better ones. Which was great.

However over the years as technology advanced, many megapixels and faster sensors later, I have had, Canon, Sony, Casio, Fujifilm cameras and a DSLR in the form of the first Sony Alpha 100, as an early adopter I am also plague by early adopter elbow, I got stuck with it as resale value of the Sony Alpha 100 is less than 80% of the cost I paid initially.

Ok that is my two cents worth of my digital camera ownership. Back to the topic at hand, the new Canon S90 – the S-Series of cameras was dropped by Canon a few years ago but was recently revived. In short the Canon S90 has the same high sensitivity sensor as the Canon G11, yet it is sleek in design and easy on the pockets. Though it has 10 megapixel vs the G11’s 14 megapixel – trust me you and I will not tell the difference. But the trade off is obvious – carryability – put it into your bag, shirt pocket, trousers and yet shoot like a pro! Well almost a pro, do not expect fast action accuracy for a point and shoot however it dose have super fast F2.0 lens at 28mm (good wide angle) though the complaints about it not having HD on board was not a bother to me as I am fine with it. With more control in a small package with a bright lens, I am in love, yes I am. For still pictures and those moment family shots at dinner or somewhere, you will not go wrong with the S90.

If also gives you the user the power of manual control to control how your pictures will turn out to be. Check them out! Highly Recommended.

Canon G11 vs S90


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