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Microsoft’s Live Search – getting the attention it deserves

When we talk about Search, we think Google or Yahoo, however there is a giant waiting to emerge from Micrsoft called “Live Search”. This is one of best, but has been underated and living in the shadows of it’s other earlier competition who was in the market earlier. I found that Microsoft has over the last two years tweaked Live Search to a certain perfection where the results are getting more comprehensive and link to exactly for what you searched for. Google is ending up to a certain marketing mess as top search results are base on hits and priority ranking for paid advertisers thus diluting the real search results. I like what Microsoft has done, the clean lines and subtle design of their updated Live Search engine gives you cool look and feel to it, but what is most important is that it delivers what you set out to search for. Live Search when it was first launched to be honest with you, I hated it, it was messy, slow and not accurate, but it has improved and now I prefer it to Google’s. Most importantly, you need to take it for a go to find out more.  


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