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What will my life be without a PDA?

Ever thought about this? What will your life be today without the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) our world changed with the mobile phone, putting a mobile phone into every hand, prices have come down to $0 now and all you pay is the line subscriptions, before that prices were a whopping $2000 for one of those water-bottle motorola phones that was as big as a tissue box, well almost anyways. 

However no one can deny the fact that with the mobility we do more, play more and well, learn more. With the internet taking shape and form connecting everyone to the information highway and bringing products, governments, people and basically the world closer together. As the internet starts to take it’s form and shape it has past the age of useless color fonts, base color but it has broken into a euphoria of art and has been a kaleidoscope of feelings and emotions. 

The PDA in whichever form, mine is the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform, it is a product where it brings all the goodness of the internet, emails, phone, games and more into one simple handheld device that I carry around more often than my cup of pipping hot coffee from starbucks or my car keys, it goes to the showers with me and even to bed….. yes we are all guilty of that. The main thing is that where is all this heading to? What is the next step after that? How do we merge a world where communication beats at our heart. 


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