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The New Skoda Superb

This is something new, a newsbit about a car….you must be scratching you head, is there something neat about it under the hood that we should know about, something techy? Something awe aspiring? Some kind of wonderful? A little all that and more, just a brief history, Skoda from the Czech Republic’s oldest car company with over 100 years in history was bought by VW in the early 90’s, going into bankruptcy VW rescued it with several co-development project Skoda cars are known for it’s well solid built cars with equally powerful engines, an underated car it is truly value for money, with several model lined up, starting with the everyday Fabia, Octavia, Octavia Tour, Roomster, Superb and the all new Superb. VW very smartly made us of their spare parts and flooded it down the line to be used by the Octavia and Superb(it is basically a stretched VW Passat) Focusing on the Superb the latest built from the ground up with some technological advancement, one of the key features is the twinboot system, the various engine configurations that is surely to make any enthusiast happy.  009.jpg 


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