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Motorola Q9h, a pleasant surprise.

motoq9h.jpg The Motorola Q9h is a pleasant surprise, the build quality is sturdy and there are no squeaks of structure liability when you squeeze the phone in your hands unlike some other products do. The keypad is the best I have seen on a Windows Mobile device thus far, solid tactile feel that impresses, no thumb fatigue when typing and no worries that the keypad will get damaged due to wear and tear usage. The speed is decent without much lag, 3.5G available with Bluetooth and other standard features, comes with 256MB ROM and 94MB RAM, uses a Texas Instrument OMAP processor running at a rather speedy 325mHz. Supports for SDHC cards, my storage card is 8GB microSD even though the website at Motorola Asia quoted that it supports only up to 4GB, that was quite impressive for me that my card still worked.  On the software front, it comes pre-loaded with Opera (Yes) and Documents to Go bundle. Overall a highly recommended device.   


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