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Sony Ericsson releases the first Windows Mobile Powered Device


At the Barcelona 3GSM conference a bevy of new product releases and announcements were made, one of them is the much anticipated Sony Ericsson Windows Mobile powered device the Xperia X1, 3G device, bluetooth, Wifi, AGPS with a slide out keyboard, a VGA(800×480) touch screen, 400MB of phone memory, memory stick,  mobile device with innovative tile feature user interface, a 3.2mp camera with digital zoom with auto focus function and weighs 145g.



The angled slider gives a more gradient viewing angle for the user, the keyboard is evenly spaced out however as I have not tried the buttons I cannot comment on it yet.



Alot of talk have been buzzing on what is with the new Graphical User Interface, it looks nothing like the Windows Mobile Professional that we have seen and are used to. We will have to wait for the official word on this, at press time, no price has been announced yet.


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